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Golden Crest Records is an original independent label, founded in 1956; my three books are: "Record Makers and Breakers," "Rhythm & Blues in New Orleans" (originally “Walking to New Orleans”) and "South to Louisiana: The Music of the Cajun Bayous."


"South to Louisiana" has been updated and substantially revised from the 1983 edition - and is now available! The revamped edition of "Rhythm and Blues in New Orleans" was published in 2016.



This website aims to inform you more about me, the author, and my publications together with Golden Crest Records. Our main aim is to send you rushing to your collections to play all those great records again!

Available for lectures and broadcasts.

 I am delighted to announce that the Golden Crest Records archive and part of the John Broven archive have been acquired by the Library of Congress of Washington, D.C.



Golden Crest Records

I am incorporating in my website a section for Golden Crest Records, the Long Island, New York, independent label founded by my wife Shelley’s father Clark Galehouse in 1956. Golden Crest enjoyed an enduring hit with “Tall Cool One” by the Wailers which made top 50 twice on the Billboard and Cash Box charts in 1959 and 1964. Although there was little other chart action, the label released the broadest spectrum of American music from rock ‘n’ roll, doo wop, teen and R&B to the classics, chamber music and jazz until 1984.

Record MakersRecord Makers and Breakers
Voices of the independent Rock 'n' Roll pioneers

Published 2009 - available in hardback and paperback in the US and Europe.

Based on my personal interviews with the pioneering record makers, whose truly fascinating stories explain how the independent record industry was created from its cottage industry roots. The book is a tribute to their American entrepreneurial spirit and their artists’ enduring music.

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