Golden Crest Records

Golden Crest Records, formerly of:
220 Broadway, Huntington Station,
Long Island, NY, USA

President: Clark Galehouse
Current owner: John Broven in conjunction with Library of Congress
Type of output: rock 'n' roll, teen pop, jazz, R&B, doo wop, classical, comedy, educational and more (1956-84)
Subsidiary of Shelley Products pressing plant
Subsidiary labels: Shelley, Crest, Silver Crest, DeWitt, Yorkshire
Publishing company: CFG Publishing Co. (affiliated to BMI, 1957)

There is still a stock of original vinyl albums available for sale, but no 45s. See latest catalog here.

Please communicate by email via the contact page (especially for licensing inquiries and LPs); or write to: PO Box 26, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724, USA.

Latest release: "The Best of Golden Crest" double CD (Ace CDCH2 1254). More details.

For the Golden Crest story, read John Broven’s article, “Golden Crest Records: The Independent Record Industry Comes To Long Island” in the December, 2012, edition of Stony Brook University’s Long Island History Journal. Link.

Latest News

  • It is with regret I announce the passing of Jesse “Chucho” Perales, guitarist with Mando & the Chili Peppers, on June 8, 2014, in San Antonio, Texas, at the age of 78. His work with the pioneering Chicano rock ’n’ roll band will be fondly remembered, notably on the classic 1957 Golden Crest LP, “On The Road With Rock ’n’ Roll.” My thoughts go to wife Raquel, a regular visitor here with the ever-smiling Chucho. For obituary click here.

  • I am sad to announce that my dear wife Shelley passed on Oct. 5, 2013, after an incredibly brave fight against breast cancer and last November’s stroke. Please click here for a tribute and more about her life.

  • I am very proud to announce that the Golden Crest Records archive has been acquired by the Library of Congress, thereby preserving the legacies of Shelley, her father and mother for posterity in the national archive.  The collection will be available to the public in due course.

  • With regret, we announce that Clark Galehouse’s longtime secretary, the French-born Madeline Pfister, died at Huntington Station on June 11, 2013, at age 86. A no-nonsense yet warm-hearted person, she was the “rock” holding the office together. Thank you, Madeline.

  • A new book, “Alec Wilder,” by Philip Lambert has been published recently by University of Illinois Press. Many Wilder compositions were released by Golden Crest. Also visit the Friends of Alec Wilder website.

  • The National Flute Association has included four Golden Crest pieces in its Frances Blaisdell CD, “Historic Recordings Series Volume 5”  (NFA-5);

  • The Golden Crest LPs by Mark Thomas, flute, with Christine Croshaw, piano, have been reissued by Mark Records;
  • Shelley Records mystery R&B group, Roland Bennett and the Rockin' Whalers, was the subject of an article in the May 2012 issue (No. 269) of Blues & Rhythm magazine by Bennett's niece, Dr. Dina M. Bennett: "Roland Bennett, Sweet Root and the Rockin’ Whalers: A Kansas R&B mystery solved." Their "Money Crazy" is available on "The Best of Golden Crest".

    Listen to "Money Crazy"

  • The 1963 Dick Heatherton song, “Hey! Travelin’ Man,” included in “Teen Scene!” (Dee-Jay Jamboree), “The Best of Golden Crest” (Ace) and now “That’s Life: 44 Fabulous Crooners” (Universal Holland) is featured in a Volkswagen advertisement in Holland.

    Listen to "Hey! Travelin' Man"

  • Karen Whitehead's film, "Her Aim Is True," based on Northwest photographer Jini Dellaccio's work, was shown in New York on Feb. 24, 2014. The Wailers' "Tall Cool One" is included in the film:

  • "Mr. Tuba" by the late Harvey Phillips, Golden Crest artist and great supporter of the label, has been published (co-written with David N. Baker):

We regret that the following Golden Crest artists have died in recent times:

John “Buck” Ormsby, bass guitarist with the Wailers post-Golden Crest died Oct. 29, 2016, on his 75th birthday in Tepic, Mexico, where he was seeking alternative treatment for lung cancer. Buck, owner of Etiquette Records which broke the Sonics, was the driving force behind the Wailers revival with the late Kent Morrill and was a great promoter of the group’s timeless Golden Crest recordings.

Robert Nagel, trumpet player, died June 5, 2016, at the age of 91. He appeared on the Revelli Years Vol. 3 box set (CRS 4211), and was also present on an LP with Keith Brown, trombone, and Alexander Fiorello, piano (RE-7043).

Gunther Schuller, renowned composer, conductor, author and friend of Clark and Shelley Galehouse. See New York Times obituary.

Kent Morrill, the Wailers’ great vocalist and pianist. Please see The News Tribune, Tacoma, WA obituary, “Fabulous Wailers vocalist Kent Morrill was singing to the end.”

Gino (of Gino & the Dells). See artists section, below, for career overview with sound clips of his group doo wop classic, “Altar Of Dreams,” and the Northern Soul standard, “It’s Only A Paper Moon.”

Harvey Phillips. Please see the New York Times obituary, “Harvey Phillips, a Titan of the Tuba, Dies at 80”.

Art Mineo - who introduced the Wailers and other Northwest acts to Golden Crest. Please see The News Tribune, Tacoma, Wa., obituary, “Tacoma music legend Art Mineo dies”.

Artists (this list will be expanded at regular intervals)

The Wailers ~ Gino ~ The Precisions ~ The Montells ~ Roland Bennett ~ The Seven Teens